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gennaio 13, 2020 - Rock And Mouse

Portrait of a personality

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

We stand for unlimited movement and bright laughter

We are for children’s urge to explore and to express


We say „yes!” to having fun. And believe in vibrant


And we know that „practical” doesn’t have to be „boring”.



The chance to get to know your child as a personality, as a unique human being - it is surprising and intriguing starting from the very first days. And it only gets more interesting as he or she grows and their personality develops.

Our collection is about celebrating childhood, the uniqueness of each and every child. About encouraging curiosity and creativity and the ability to express themselves.

Collection includes bold prints as well as calmer solid colors with a dash of shine and sparkle, urban designs that are created for kids to feel empowered and free.


Rock and Mouse is a kids #fashion brand from Latvia. We focus on stylish yet childish, comfortable urban childrenswear for girls and

boys from newborn up to 10 years.

Our aim is to create pieces that kids would prefer to wear while using our unique original prints of local artists, high quality fabrics and

ethical and sustainable production methods. All our garments are produced locally in Latvia.

Rock and Mouse was created by a mom and our designer Ieva Trumpekoja in 2017 and inspired by her little daughter. During these 3 years her inspiration has quadrupled– there are four little muses of Rock and Mouse and they

are our „testing department”.


This is the slogan of Rock and Mouse brand, which means enjoying the childhood to the fullest.

We are sure that kids are not supposed to sit still with their hands on their laps and behave quietly so as not to disturb anyone, not to get their clothes

dirty or to never get bruised.
Knees always bruised? It only shows that the child has been active and had fun, not just sat in front of

the TV or the computer. Anyone who runs might fall down and get a little hurt. However, it is not a reason

to never run.
We want kids to be happy, to laugh, to run, to climb.

And if they happen to fall down once in a while, they just get up and keep on running.