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giugno 26, 2017 - Starbucks

First Starbucks Reserve bar in Latin America combines Chilean culture with exclusive coffees

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A mural evokes Santiago’s city life. Ceilings and walls exude the warmth of Aromo wood from Chile’s Maule Region. Local marble represents the ancient caves of Patagonia.

It took #starbucks designer #jeremiahbailey and his team more than a year to bring the space to life, and now in #santiago, Chile’s vibrant culture is on display at the first #starbucks Reserve® bar in Latin America. 

“When designing, we try to uncover unique elements and ideas about a place through our research,” Bailey said. “We can’t be overt about it – we have to find a way to be respectful and humble about learning different cultures and then finding ways to represent them in our designs.”

“We knew that local materials would infuse the space with the DNA of #santiago to make the store feel like home.”

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