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giugno 15, 2017 - Arla

​Two new members of Arla’s Board of Directors - Chairman and Vice-Chairman re-elected

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The election to #arla Foods amba’s Board of Directors 2017-2019 has today been confirmed. This took place at the Board of Representatives’ meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Arla Foods is one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives, and today the #arla Group’s Board of Representatives met to confirm the election of members for the Board of Directors in #arla Foods amba for the coming two years.

Farmers elect farmers to govern their cooperative
The #arla Board of Directors consist of 15 farmers, who are elected by farmers to represent the 12,000 farmer owners of #arla. Also, #arla employees are represented on the Board by three members.

This year two new members have joined the #arla Board of Directors: #ingerlisesjostrom, who is elected by farmers in Sweden. She has replaced Palle Borgström. #simonsimonsen has been elected by Danish farmers to replace Thomas Johansen. Both Palle Borgström and Thomas Johansen announced earlier this year that they were not seeking re-election.

Following the election of the Board of Directors, the Board has re-elected #akehantoft as chairman and #jantoftnorgaard as vice chairman.

Arla’s Board of Directors 2017-2019:

Chairman #akehantoft (re-elected by farmers in Sweden)
Vice-chairman #jantoftnorgaard (re-elected by farmers in Denmark)
Bjørn Jepsen (re-elected by farmers in Denmark)
Hélene Gunnarson (re-elected by farmers in Sweden)
Inger-Lise Sjöstrom (elected by farmers in Sweden) Newly elected
Johnnie Russell (re-elected by farmers in the United Kingdom)
Jonathan Ovens (re-elected by farmers in the United Kingdom)
Jonas Carlgren (re-elected by farmers in Sweden)
Manfred Graff (re-elected by farmers in Central Europe)
Manfred Sievers (re-elected by farmers in Central Europe)
Markus Hübers (re-elected by farmers in Central Europe)
Simon Simonsen (elected by farmers in Denmark) Newly elected
Steen Nørgaard Madsen (re-elected by farmers in Denmark) 
 Torben Myrup (re-elected by farmers in Denmark) 
Viggo Ø. Bloch (re-elected by farmers in Denmark)

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