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june 05, 2019 - borzalino

At the Furniture Fair 2019 Borzalino presents a project dedicated to living the modern house with a versatile style and taste. 'Casa Borzalino' comes into being.

For #borzalino, a Tuscan company of excellence in the sector of upholstered items, this rendezvous with the Fair is rich of new products: in fact, the Company presents a well-structured project devoted to the modern house and including not only sofas and upholstered items, but also unprecedented furniture such as beds, a dining room as well as new lighting products and accessories.

Borzalino style contaminates, in a creative way, different places of your house with a mark characterised by luxury, daring and style: the trend prefers natural materials and warm and soft colours. The floral decoration is strongly present with the shades of light dusty pink and of aubergine to give each place a personality and intensity, in a perfect fusion between modernity and tradition.

The reference to nature for its richness and variety is evident in this constant play among forms, material and deco style.

Into the container of 'Casa Borzalino' some elements stand out, such as a new bed, which is the protagonist of a modern and very warm bedroom, a dining table made of metal and glass with exclusive marble inserts, the new sofas designed for an original living and, last but not least, lamps which do not go unobserved at all.

The new project, #borzalino will show before the eyes of the international visitors of the Furniture Fair, results from the important investments the Company has been making for a long time now on the product research and development.

For this important #event, a team of designers, of young talents, all of them Italians, was put to work under the supervision of Matteo Pieri, Project Development Director, and of the architect Carlo Bimbi, formerly designer: so, we work towards freshness and authenticity of the young Italian #design.

Among the designers of the new creative pool:

  • Matteo Bimbi

  • Andrea Andretta

  • Luca De Bona-Dario De Meo

  • Luca Roccadadria

Right now, #borzalino is launching a message of strong dynamism and innovation, still deeply respecting the tradition of the quality product which is the exclusive of the best Made in Italy.