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december 07, 2016 - Barry Callebaut Group

Annual General Meeting 2016 of Barry Callebaut AG

  • Board honors his legacy as #andreasjacobs steps down as Chairman
  • Patrick De Maeseneire elected new Chairman
  • Dividend payout of CHF 15.50 per share; expected to be executed on March 2, 2017

The ordinary Annual General Meeting 2016 of Barry Callebaut AG, the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate and cocoa products, was held today in Zurich-Oerlikon under the chairmanship of #andreasjacobs, Chairman of the Board of Directors. XXXX shareholders attended the meeting, representing XXXX shares and equaling XXXX% of the issued share capital.

All motions were adopted as proposed by the Board of Directors, including the election of #patrickdemaeseneire as new Chairman. The Board of Directors honored the legacy of #andreasjacobs, who had decided to step down after 13 years on the Board, of which 11 years as Chairman, and thanked him warmly for his long and successful tenure. All other Board members, namely #patrickdemaeseneire, Fernando Aguirre, Jakob Baer, James L. Donald, Nicolas Jacobs, Wai Ling Liu, Timothy E. Minges, Andreas Schmid and Juergen B. Steinemann were reelected for another term of office of one year.

The shareholders also approved the proposed payout of CHF 15.50 per share. The payout will be effected through a dividend payment partly from reserves from capital contributions (CHF 4.19 per share) and partly in the form of a capital repayment by way of a par value reduction (CHF 11.31 per share). The payout to shareholders is expected to be executed on March 2, 2017 (“ex-date”: February 28, 2017; “record date”: March 1, 2017). The distribution of these funds to shareholders will not be subject to withholding tax and – for individuals residing in Switzerland and holding the shares as private property – income tax.

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