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luglio 11, 2017 - Starbucks

Colombian farmers move from coca to coffee with Starbucks support

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Alfredo Nuno’s morning ritual has been the same for the past 18 years: Wake up, grind coffee beans, pour the grounds into a coffee press, let them steep in water, take a sip – and feel the past and present rise up and meet. It’s a humbling moment, he said on a recent morning. “It’s the end of a very long road where you have many hands, many lives and many struggles that were involved to have that cup,” he said. Nuno, who leads the #starbucks Farmer Support Center in Manizales, Colombia, one of 12 Colombian departments (similar to U.S. states) that encompass 90,000 farmers in the #starbucks supply chain, knows the obstacles farmers face in the ancient art of coffee growing. He has seen their struggles, and he knows their stories. 

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