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giugno 08, 2017 - Starbucks

Starbucks’ FoodShare program expands to feed hungry in Manhattan

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As the assistant manager of a busy #starbucks store in New York’s Midtown, she passes homeless and hungry people on her way to work. Sometimes they come into the store hoping for #food. Once she found a woman going through the garbage looking for something to eat.

She sees the faces behind the statistics – some of the individuals who make up the 1.4 million estimated people in New York City who struggle each year to have enough to eat. For her, it’s not a number. It’s personal. She does what she can to help, volunteering through her daughter’s school to help feed the homeless. But the need is vast, she knows.

And in the evenings, if there was extra #food left at her store she felt bad throwing it away. So, it means a lot to her that now the extra #food at her store – and 44 other #starbucks in #manhattan – will be donated each night to help feed the hungry through a partnership with City Harvest, a New York-based #food rescue organization.

More information on the press release

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