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october 15, 2013 - Pininfarina

A new collection of home appliances designed by Pininfarina and realized by Haceb will be launched in the Colombian market

Pininfarina debuts in Colombia with the announcement of a partnership with the leading home appliances company Haceb. The purpose of the collaboration was to create a new line of hobs and ovens to bring the kitchen to the highest level of modernity and elegance.

The Haceb by Pininfarina Collection is intended to create a line of home appliances able to fit in the most sophisticated residential environments. Pininfarina in fact has been working for years in the residential sector creating stunning interiors, which combine the key elements of Pininfarina identity: elegance, exclusivity and a high stylistic coherence. Overall the Pininfarina vision is to integrate harmoniously all the components, from the home appliances to the kitchens, from the furniture to the definition of interiors up to the design of the complete architecture of the projects. The recent partnerships with Related Group to build the iconic Millecento condo in Miami and with Far East Organization for the ultra luxury condo Ferra in Singapore are the ultimate proof of the significant breakthrough made by Pininfarina in residential architecture...

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