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august 12, 2021 - Barry Callebaut Group

Spearheading sustainability in the coconut industry

In September 2020, we launched the world's first coconut charter to work on sustainable coconut production. This was a promising start. Now, together with Nestlé and #Proforest, we are taking the next big step by launching a scorecard to define and develop the previously underestimated issue of sustainable practices in coconut production.

At Barry Callebaut, our mission is to make sustainable #chocolate the norm by 2025. As part of our Forever Chocolate plan we have a commitment on all ingredients that go into our #chocolate. This means taking into account the sustainability of every aspect of our supply chain, including coconuts. Coconut is a key ingredient in many of our products, which is why we decided to develop a coconut sustainability framework to drive change in this industry.

The sustainability challenges in coconut production

In recent years, there has been rapid growth of the global coconut market, paired with significant and yet untackled sustainability challenges. These include aging trees, natural disasters, complex value chains and producers lacking in market, finance and technical know-how. The result has been low quality produce, low income for producers and little incentive to improve practices across the board, despite a growing market.A scorecard for success

Building on our work to improve traceability within our coconut supply chain, we joined forces with Nestlé and Proforest in 2020 to launch the Sustainable Coconut Supplier Scorecard and Sustainable Origins Assessment

Further information in the press release to download