april 04, 2018 - Four Seasons

Charles H. at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul Launches Cocktail-Inspired Craft Beer Le 75

April 3, 2018,  Seoul, Korea

Charles H., the hidden cocktail bar at Four Seasons #hotel Seoul, has launched its own craft beer “Le 75” available for guests at the bar now. The name comes from its inspiration, French 75 cocktail, and was created in collaboration with the famous #magpiebrewery for the first time in Korea.

This unique, cocktail-inspired beer all began with one question in mind: "What sort of experimental flavour would #charlesh Baker, a traveller and a writer of global cocktail authority, have for a beer?" Light in colour and body brewed with juniper berries, lemon zest, cassia and licorice root, Le 75 raises the level of sophistication on all-time favourite golden drinks. The ingredients are fermented for with champagne yeast for an effervescent finish that will mark the beginning of an indulging journey for both cocktail connoisseurs in search of artisanal spirits as well as many "beeroisseurs" craving for something rare.

Le 75 is priced at KRW 15,000 per bottle.  

About Charles H.

With a nod to the Prohibition-era speakeasies of #newyork, Charles H. plays host to cocktail connoisseurs and spirited gatherings into the early morning hours. Rich design elements inspired by traditional Korean metalwork motifs take the popular concept to a new level, while a carefully-edited selection of bottles handled by Head Bartender Lorenzo Antinori and his team of skilled bar staff produces classic and contemporary libations. It’s a thoroughly modern experience inspired by the travels and writings of global cocktail authority and legendary bon vivant #charlesh Baker.

For reservations, call +82 2 6388 5500.